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Creators of Rosebud Tarot

\\Who we are//

Diana Rose Harper

\\Co-Creator & Guidebook Author//

Diana Rose Harper grew up eating fairy tales for breakfast and myths for dessert. She is now a professional tarot reader, consulting astrologer, energy worker, and writer currently based in Los Angeles and serving clients & students worldwide thanks to the magic of the internet. A New Moon baby with Uranus on her Ascendant, she is committed to the power of asking better, deeper questions towards a more ferociously loving and compassionately honest state of being. Her dedication to her work led her to become a three-time invited lecturer at the Northwest Astrology Conference, a featured guest on The Astrology Podcast & Getting Curious with Jonathan van Ness, and (pre-pandemic) has spent time as a traveling guest teacher presenting workshops on tarot, astrology, energy work, and radical self-care across the USA at places like HausWitch (Salem, MA), Open Eye Crystals (Los Angeles, CA), Ceremonial PGH (Pittsburgh, PA), Sanctuary Health (Chicago, IL), and Live Oak (Chicago, IL). 

Connect with Diana

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Amanda Lee Stilwell

\\Co-Creator & Artist//

Amanda is a queer solitary witch who practices ritual, garden and kitchen magick. She hails from the swamps of the Gulf Coast and has withstood many a hurricane. Her art focuses on ritual digital collage inspired by altar spaces and her own religious upbringing stirred in a cauldron with pop icons, cult movies and strong shapes. Rosebud Tarot is the second tarot deck she's created, the first was New Wave Tarot. Currently based in the midwest, she's always thinking of new ways to incorporate creativity with spiritual practice. 

Connect with Amanda

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